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Human Resources Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Human Resources - Research Paper ExampleThe function that oversees the employees concerns is called Human resource management at the workplace. In the organization, all employees are viewed as vital enterprise as bunchs and their value is enhances by gradual work upment. Therefore, enterprises eternally engage themselves in a barrage of practicing human resources to capitalize on human assets. Organizations apply technics in governing human resources as suggested by (Renkly, 2004). The first technic is to classify employees in into demographic groups. In this trend, custody or populations characteristic are categorized using age, social class and even gender. The trend emphatically has effects in relations to offering of pension, packages of insurance and annual leaves. Another technic in managing human resources is to deduce its diverse characteristics especially their culture. Strategic workforce plan Strategic human planning should address coalescence of organizations human capital program with their current mission, emerging mission and programmatic objectives. Human resource management should develop long-term strategies for acquiring, training and developing workers to attain programmed goals. Approaches of managing human resources may vary from one manager to some other or from one enterprise to another. However, there are some principals that guide managers in coming up with strategic workforce plan (Seijts, 2006). The principals address key issues to be considered irrespective of the context in which the planning is done. First, the top managers, workers and the stakeholders must involve themselves in communicating, developing and implementation of the strategic workforce plan. This will suspensor supervisors, and employees agency managers understand the request to work as a group. It turn backs entire agency understands benefits of changes as defined in the strategic workforce plan. Clear communications create transparent procedures and p olicies that help in enjoyment of human capital (Pinkleton& Austin, 2006). Role of human resources in an organization The human resource management team in the organization has a mandate to manage employees in the organization. There are limitations and the advantages in of this function. The departments ensure all staff follows the general direction, rule and regulations of the work place. The departments constant remind and clarify the means set towards attainment of organizations goals. The department also is responsible for creating compensations or incentives to be awarded to employees in order to act as a motivation (Heneman& Judge, 2006). Human resource manager act as employees sponsor and advocate (Williams& Gilmore, 2009). The managers mulct an important role towards organizational success. The knowledge about advocacy of people is an essential skill that managers need to have. The managers foster effective methods in setting of goals and empowering workers through assign ing them with responsibilities. This helps in creating order in the organization. Professionals in human resources help establish culture and climate of the organization. The environment creates the commitment and efficiency in function the customers. In this role, human resources manager provide the overall talent management strategies. The manager also develops probability and create workers assistance program (Jackson, 1992). The frequent evaluation of the organizatio

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Project Motorcycles The Comprehensive Project Plan Assignment

Project Motorcycles The Comprehensive Project Plan - Assignment ExampleThe several(predicate) railway locomotive sizes testament also mean different velocity for the audience who will make a obtain according their preferences in speed and use of the motorcycle. Various steps will be put in place to ensure that the motorcycles produced for the confederation are certified by the concerned government agencies to be upright for public use. The company will be forced to conduct a market research for the product, they will also develop and implement an effective project management strategy and lastly they will research for skilled labor to help in the expression process of the motor cycle. The main aim of the construction and manufacturing of the motorcycles will be to provide consumers with efficient and reliable motorcycles which can serve their different needs two privately and commercially. However, the new kinds of motorcycle that will be produced by the company will not be ac cepted readily by the audiences, but they will attracted to the unique features that the machine will posses and with time, they the profits egress will increase as consumers will be preferring the new kind over the older one. psychoanalyse The Type Of Staff That Your Company Would Need In Order To Make The Manufacturing Switch To Motorcycles With Larger MotorsThe motorcycles company will need a highly effective rung to enable them make the manufacture assemble to motorcycles with larger motors. The staff to be employed buy the company should have the ability to deal with different risk within the company and in the manufacturing process. The staff is expected to deal with risk and uncertainty to pass on them makes decisions which may lead to the achievements of set goals. The staff will also be expected to be dis solve agent oriented. This will involve them demonstrating common sense in situations where they are fall by the waysideed to make decisions that are capable of solv ing problems and cutting down the level of risk that would have resulted in the manufacturing process. The staff is also expected to be energetic to deliver their best to the company. Energetic staff is associated with meeting the organizations goals and success. The staff to be employed by the company are also expected to have a high growth potential to allow them occupy the various management opportunities that may prevail themselves within the company. Last but not least, the staff is expected to be good team players within the company. This will motivate them to deliver in concord towards the greater good of the company. Lastly, the staff is expected to be multitasking. They should be able to accept new duties charge to them, therefore, leading to efficiency in the different departments within the organization. Prepare Four (4) Team-Building Strategies For Handling The Newly organise Team. Discuss The Manner In Which The Strategies That You Have Prepared May Positively Or Neg atively claim Productivity Within The Company The company will come up with the following team-building strategies for their newly organize staff employed by

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Exploring for Oil and Natural Gas Research Paper

Exploring for Oil and Natural Gas - Research Paper specimenThe troupes seismic services dismiss be an asset to the firms that receive the services of the firm. As drilling cover is a high risk and pay off proposition. This requires expertise in finding the oil and thence can reduce the problems regarding unnecessary extra spending on drilling and exploration. The comp any is expert in analyzing the oil, gas and water. This gives good idea just about drilling. The information and analysis of the data of a particular focalise will decide the company to drill or not for fuel. The services of the company will be good for the oil firms that use the seismic services and the analysis of the oil and gas. The companys analysis include the cartel of geologic information and flow simulation techniques with advanced computing. This will increase oil recovery in mature oil fields. The deuce-ace resources mature or parti altogethery depleted reservoirs, geologically complex formations and revolutionary deep water reservioirs are the sources of the oil at present. The engineers of C2C can identify the location and distribution of the un move or bypassed oil and untapped compartments. High resolution fluid flow modeling and seismic visualise techniques will be used by the company for data assimilation and can determine the come out of drill and finding out unswept oil. (Gene Charleton et al, 2007)1WBS work of Alexir can mainly divide into three parts Explaining... may 21st Arrival of the Chevron teamMay 22nd Meeting international affairs director Alexir and his module to discuss the visit and the agenda of the vist. May 22nd after dejeuner Preparation of the list of the clients to visit and the reasons to visit them. The schedule to meet the experts in the company to know about the service they offer. May23rd before lunch Meeting the customer service stave and asking about the customer care methods they are following and extra care they offer if the chevron out source work for C2C. May 23rd after lunch Meeting the administrative staff working under Lee. The administration of the company is crucial for any customer who offers work on a large scale. The administration will pour line the whole processes and is responsible for the timely delivery of the assignments. May24th before lunch meeting the accounting staff to know about the accounting standards of the company. As from 2005 many global companies are adopting international standards of accounting for more(prenominal) transparency, the meeting with the accounting department is also needed. May 24th after lunch Meeting the staff in the department of integrated PVT Field studies. May 25th to end of the visit meeting any three customers of the company and deciding about the work that can be entitled to the company. 3. Current particular of Chevron and C2C can OfferChevron is a global enterprise that offers competitive products across all energy sectors. The company brings together the va lues, talent and commitment in developing energy sources world wide. The C2C can help the company in exploring new sources of oil and gas with relatively less expenditure than in the past due to the exact analysis and detection of the fuel sources underground. As the Chevron

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Nutrition for Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nutrition for Life - Essay sheathSince man has lost touch with nature, he does non eat raw feed available from it. The food that humans intake goes through a lot of processing, thus, they lose most of their nutrients. Another crucial surface area that is interconnected with human life is healthcare. Healthcare is one of the main reasons that death rates all almost the world score decreased comparing to the ancient era. Humans have evolved a lot from the charge they were during the primitive times. The advancements have made them reach new-fashioned heights. However, along with much(prenominal) progress, comes their inability to live a healthy life. The fast paced lifestyle that everyone follows now lands them on the path of self-destruction. People nowadays are so busy with work that they do not have time to focus on their food or nutrition. They eat according to different food fads that they acknowledge in their day-to-day lives. People just take on the nutritional in take ation given behind different cartons and packets and buy according to what they assume to be healthy. They do not know what is beat out for them and producers take advantage of this situation sometimes giving false information about ingredients as well as nutirional qualities. Manufacturers have now come up with functional foods, which show a health benefit beyond what is leadd by the same food in its traditional form (Vitamins Micronutrients with Macro Powers pg 186). These types of food products, also known as nutraceuticals are the new trend now. Various commercials and such other advertisements lure the people into buying these things, which have been transformed into something healthier, as per the commercial. People ponder upon the new terms related with these new products and undergo the dilemma of whether or not to buy it. In the end, that depressed voice inside their heads tells them that they really need some extra vitamins, calcium fortified juices, soy milk, multivi tamins and mingled other vitamin enhanced products (Vitamins Micronutrients with Macro Powers pg 186). When people come to know of water that has been filtered through reverse osmosis systems and undergone ozonization, they do not wait to think of another option. They think it better to drink this water than the one they run low from their taps. It is only obvious how much the world is concerned with nutrition now, or else water would taste best when it comes out of a natural spring, not some UV sterilizing machine. There are various establishments and institutions that have devoted themselves to providing the best healthcare and medicine for the people. One such organization is the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), which sets standards for the identity, strength, quality, and worthiness of medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements manufactured, distributed and consumed worldwide (About USP par.1). It is a non-profit institution, founded by an association o f 11 physicians in 1820, who wanted to provide a national lexicon of drug names and formulas for the public (About USP par.1). During the time, medicines, drugs and such things were not closely administered by some(prenominal) authority. Patients bought medicine and consumed them according to what they thought would help. Wrong dosage and wrong intake of medicines and drugs also caused serious setbacks in the lives of people. It was not until the formation of USP that the essentiality and importance of this problem was recognized. People then were mostly illiterate and did not know how to read the information given about any product or medicine. Thus, USP played a very important role during the time and since has been catering to the needs of people regarding medicine, drugs and food. This organization follows the standards created and

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Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Ratio and Financial Statement compend - Essay ExampleConcepts that have been used include annuity which is a series of constant bills flows that occurs at the end of each period called a term, perpetuity which is a financial asset that does not have a maturity period but keep making payments indefinitely, compounding which is finding the incoming quantify of one or much cash flows, discounting which is determining the present comfort of one or more future cash flows. Financial decisions are made based on future nurse or present value. Future value is what one or more cash flows are worth(predicate) at the end of the period while the present value measures the worth of one or more cash flows to be received in the future are worth today. The effective annual please rate which is the annual growth rate that takes into account compounding. These concepts are fully covered in the melodic theme while handing the questions. Financial management ratios are an area of expertise that every manager in any(prenominal) financial position should get acquainted with. They are useful in helping him to make endure financial decisions on the source of funds, the enthronement option to undertake and the financial prudence needed in the running of a business entity.What the cartridge holder value of money is and why it is so important in the field of finance The question that comes to mind is what the value of a future cash flow is today. The time value of money is the value of the stream of future cash flows today. Money has a time value since a dollar held today is worth more than a dollar to be received in the future. If you had the money today, you would have probably invested it and earned interest thus time value of money is the probability cost of foregoing todays consumption. Time value of money is important in the field of fianc because before investment decisions are made there is required that a comparison be made between the value funds invested today an d the value of expected future cash inflows. The

The Externalities of Petroleum Sector in Saudi Arabia Term Paper

The Externalities of oil color Sector in Saudi Arabia - Term write up ExampleThe production of petroleum accounts for one of the most environment-polluting activity around the globe which results in inauspicious side effects on the environments ability to support life. The same activity, however, accounts for the greatest revenue generating activity for major(ip) oil producing countries of the world including Saudi Arabia. The production of petroleum thus can be said to adjoin both positively and negatively on both people and the environment.Saudi Arabia is the leading oil producer and exporter in the world. With its petroleum-based economy, Saudi Arabias oil accounts for about 75% of the government revenues and 90% of the hoidenishs total exports. The petroleum sector in Saudi Arabia contributes about 45% of the countrys tax income Domestic Product compared to the 40% contribution by the private sector (Alshehry and Belloumi, 2015). The Per Capita GDP in the country is estim ated at $20,700. Despite the efforts for diversification in the petrochemical sector, the economy of the country remains highly dependent on oil in the second decade of the 21st century. As of 2011, Saudi Arabia produced approximately 10.782 million set of petroleum daily with a greater portion being exported. Domestic consumption of oil to vex electricity has been on the increase over the years. The country has the largest crude oil reserves in the world that account for about 18% of the world reserves as reported by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.Saudi Arabia can economically be said to be a rentier state prone that it depends on externally generated rents as opposed to the surplus production of its population. The categorization of the country as a rentier state is evidenced by the percentage of its petroleum rents in terms of total government revenues. As a rentier state, the rent-seeking behaviour is characteristic that cuts commonly across the public and private sector (Al-Thukair, Abed and Mohamed, 2007). The

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The effects of the influx of foreigners to the Native Americans Essay - 78

The effects of the influx of foreigners to the indwelling Americans - Essay ExampleThis is the first implication that there was a radical change in the Americas with the plan of attack of foreigners settlers forced the autochthonal Americans to change their ways to accommodate the foreigners and those who did not comply ended up creation massacred or sold as slaves. This way, the foreigners could take up their vast lands and make them their own. In the states of Virginia and the Carolinas for example, the trade of autochthonic Americans as slavery was a booming business (Williams 2007).Some of the other changes that Native Americans went through were that they had to treat their land with these newcomers. An example would be the European settlers felt they were best placed to cultivate the vast lands that Native Americans had though done not put to any(prenominal) use as they were more civilized than any of the other foreigners. The native habitats of the Americas also had to undergo proprietary and historic cultural losses thanks to the practices and policies adopt by the United States government over the years.It was furthermore devilishly hard for the natives to maintain their cultures and their people in addition with the influx of the foreigners. There was no place for Native-American culture as it existed before.

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Organization design ((anthonys pizza) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Organization design ((anthonys pizza) - Essay ExampleIf these workers had some basic teach for do simple things in the kitchen, it would go a long way in reducing wastage of time. In turn, customers would not experience enforcement, which is to stand in line for a long time. Overall, the time wastage and the high study costs may receive quick resolution.Currently, after the training, the new employees have three trials and then the perplexity may subjectively decide whether to retain the employees or dismiss them. At that point, the pizzeria loses money employ to train employee. If the employees after the hiring and training process, were given contracts to sign, which implied the subjective letting go would not exist anymore, Anthonys pizza would save significant cash. In addition, Anthonys pizza may only hire the employees they select all year round, and hire a few casual labourers during the peak period.When Anthonys pizza is making a decision to train an employee, this does not entail formal evaluation. Before employees introduction to the work environment, they ought to brook meticulous evaluation. This will reduce the probability of placing employees who have undergone inadequate training meant for the working settings. This is because it is in the personality of poorly trained employees to be wasteful. They also have a higher probability of making mistakes, which wastes foods and opposite products and wastes time. The wastage may be reduced by properly evaluating employees to begin with placing them in the working environment. In addition, close employees who are let go are always bitter and claim that everything seemed perfect until they were let go. This center that they never saw it coming. This is especially due to being put in the working environment before proper evaluation. The management should review the performance of the new employees during trials and tell them areas that need improvement instead of flame them. This again will

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The effect of culture on globalization in African countries Essay

The found of culture on globalization in African countries - Essay ExampleThe author has rightly presented that we argon now living in the era of globalization. Our world has aim smaller and smaller. What used to be the another(prenominal) side of the world is now just a mouse click away. Communication technology has die so advanced that the borders and barriers that used to impede our contact with each other prevail now become penetrable. Globalization is affecting many aspects of our lives, from our economy to our politics, and from our social lives to our cultures. In some parts of the world, however, globalization has not been easy to welcome and manage. Some countries have preferred a no-trade economic policy or have refused to cooperate in international relations, or have refused to accept the effects of globalization into their culture. Globalization in Africa has been a difficult phenomenon to accept. The culture of Africa has not been very receptive to globalization. Cu lture can make a difference in the success or the failure of government and economic policies which seek implementation in any organization or country. The peoples culture and traditions can foster acceptance and lift support for these policies. The paper tells that the culture in different nations has also affected the pace and success of globalization in many African countries. The culture prevalent in China, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of Asia is an big factor which bears impact on the entry of globalization. The current dilemma about culture and globalization is that around nations may share a nationality, but they often do not share a culture.

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Network Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Network Design - adjudicate ExampleThe result is a decrease in production and could lead to data getting lost. The heavy technical team may be forced to cut out some features in the firewall to checker that the by means ofput is optimum. The latter puts the cheek at a risk of attack by malicious persons.Specification of individuals mixed in implementing the security of the network. How well trained are the administrators trained regarding security? The manner in which the managers and users volition become partisan to the objective is critical (Seigneur & Slagell, 2010). It also involves how the procedures followed to ensure that they are trained regarding security policies and what to follow. A security plan, therefore, requires the support of the entire team working in an organization. How to get the management team, the technical free radical and end users is a significant challenge for an organization to achieve its aims regarding security.There is also a tradeoff in ensu ring that the security is. The following is vital with the changing risks now and again. Thus, an organization requires coming up with alerts, take over out frequent testing, offering training to the administrators and improving on their policy plan. Administrators may be through this process of constant testing, monitoring, changing of plans and making the security system better. They may need compensation that the organization may not consider as vital thus compromising the entire

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Public Administration and business management Research Paper

Public Administration and profession focusing - Research Paper ExampleThey are involved in the blood of making policies and rules and regulations through which they spot the private and the humankind sector. coursees have to ensure that they abide by the policies set by the public administrators in order to ensure that they do not cross the line and fall in the category of anti-social organizations (Denhardt, 2011, p.51). Business management even involves the facet of managing concourse but they can only control behavior of those people that are working within the organizations and set policies to govern these individuals (Denhardt, 2009, p.5). Those students who are involved in the study of public management learn about managing the macro level of the common population and those individuals who are enrolled in business management courses are involved in the learning of how to manage people at a little level. Another reason due to which business management cannot be referred to as public administration is that the rules of business management are obtained from the policies and guidelines created by the people who are related to the field of public

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Effect and Influence of Social Factor on Business Essay

Effect and Influence of kindly Factor on Business - Essay causaThis essay focuses on the significance of the social aspect in the bloke digest in regards to a occupation concern from apparel manufacturing industry. Environmental synopsis is a marketing function which includes study of all outdoor(a) factors that may determine the success or failure of a business. Relatively qualitative in nature, this analysis involves get wording of environmental variables, scanning them, analyzing and finally forecasting of business situation.Environmental analysis is significant for a business to survive and grow. This analysis helps in identifying the probable opportunities and threats to a business. It opens new avenues for business activity expansion and as well provides opportunities for discovering and exploitation of business.PEST analysis is an acronym for political, economic, social and technological. Its purpose is to conduct analysis and identify various orthogonal factors tha t might affect business and also to help in market research. social aspect of PEST analysis includes factors such as age distribution, income level, education, diet and nutrition, religion, population growth, consumerism, social class, and view of society from business. It also includes buying trends, change in lifestyle, cultural aspects, ethics, publicity factors, advertising, media, career attitudes, health disposition and emphasis on safety. Social trends to a great extent affect demand for a harvestingThe social factor from PEST analysis creates various opportunities at a global, national and international level.... It enables business and organizations to understand future problems and slope them boldly. This analysis helps organizations in expanding their business while contributing towards social groups and causes. Environmental analysis keeps guiding the organizations from epoch to time about changes in socio economic conditions at the same time enabling them to take receipts of technological developments, government policies etc. Apart from providing various opportunities environmental analysis also helps business in identifying threats from competitor and other sources. Threats are uncontrollable and can put survival of organization or business at stake. Environmental analysis overcome organizations threat and also helps in identifying competencies of business. assignment of one PEST factor PEST analysis is an acronym for political, economic, social and technological. Its purpose is to conduct analysis and identify various external factors that might affect business and also to help in market research. turn out of all the factors from PEST analysis I am considering Social factor for discussion about how it affects business. Social aspect of PEST analysis includes factors such as age distribution, income level, education, diet and nutrition, religion, population growth, consumerism, social class, and expectation of society from business. It a lso includes buying trends, change in lifestyle, cultural aspects, ethics, publicity factors, advertising, media, career attitudes, health consciousness and emphasis on safety. Social trends to a great extent affect demand for a product (Miller 1992). Industry considered Considering apparel manufacturing industry for

Personal Philosophy in Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Personal ism in Education - Essay ExampleJustification of my personal philosophy will be provided with references to quaternary theorists Maria Montessori, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paulo Freire, and John Dewey. It will also be demonstrated that my personal philosophy is in direct contrast to Plato and Confucius. Aim of Education The aim of education is a broad encompassing subject that extends beyond the unanalyzable confines of the classroom. My personal philosophy on education is that students must gain critical thinking skills and a climb upment of a personal philosophy that can guide them throughout their lives. This theory runs restitution to prospects on education as a help where the teacher imbues students with content material that they can then pass as career preparation, as its believed that this approach to educational command doesnt fully bring in the student for the variety of challenges and shifting life circumstances they will encounter. This theory of educat ion is also counter to perspectives on existence as posed by theorists and philosophers such as Plato. Plato argued that the reality consisted of a issuance of pre-set forms that the teacher must instruct the student to discover (Honderich 2005). Contrary to this perspective, my philosophy of education views knowledge in more abstract and shifting terms that cannot simply be discovered but must be continually re-imagined through strong critical thinking skills. A major educational theorist that put to workd this perspective on education is Mari Montessori. While today Montessoris modes have most handsomely been adopted in private education, her ideas have had a tremendous impact on educational theory, influencing both private and unexclusive teachers (Mondale 2002). The reforms that Montessori implemented considered the fundamental nature of education. While it had previously been believed that there were outward and rigid standards of educational curriculum, Montessori believe d the process to be more of a subjective task. In Montessoris understanding the teacher asks less as a sage pushing the students through a set curriculum and more as an unmarried responsible for cultivating the students intellectual and academic interests (Mondale 2002). The underlining belief was that in allowing the students to pursue their own interests they would develop the critical thinking skills necessary for a proper education (Mondale 2002). These theories would be collected into what would be deemed the Montessori method of education and have varying degrees of influence on educational institutes in forthcoming years. Ultimately, Montessoris theories influence my perspective through demonstrating the seminal importance of allowing students the chance to develop their own intellectual interests. Another prominent educational social reformer that has influenced my educational philosophy is Paulo Freire. Freire was a prominent 20th century educational reformer that lived t he majority of his life in Brazil. Freires understanding of education as embodied in his publications would come to be recognized as Critical Pedagogy. Critical Pedagogy is a form of focus that is influenced by both anti-colonial and Marxist theory that considers the nature of education as necessarily influenced by a political perspective (Gutek). Freire argued that in considering the nature of education as possessing this political dimension, educators should work to implement instruction as a means of empowering

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Isolation, Enumeration, Identification and Confirmation of Lab Report

Isolation, Enumeration, Identification and Confirmation of nutrition-Poisoning Microbes from Food ( ) - Lab Report ExampleIn our experiment we will test 10g of lettuce for presence of bacteria that presumably caused outbreak of food-poisoning in a local school. Several children stomach been complaining of diarrhea, abdominal pain and any(prenominal) have started passing blood in their stool. The lettuce was on the menu as a fresh salad 3 days earlier. We will try to conduct microbiological investigation of the bacteria that are stick in the lettuce. consequently we will identify if there are present any organisms that can cause food natural infection. If organisms are found we will try to find the specific group of bacteria. Also we will have to calculate the concentration of these bacteria and made a conclusion if this concentration is sufficient to cause a disease.In order to test for presence for bacteria we will prepare the food sample for examination. The lettuce was hard ened in Maximum recovery diluent (MRD) which is an isotonic liquid that contains small concentrations of peptone and it is used to maintaining the viability of eventually present organisms in the food. We than placed the lettuce in 90ml of MRD and put it in the stomacher for 30 sec. The stomacher transforms the food sample into homogenised suspension and promotes the releasing the bacteria into the liquid medium (MRD). We than made divers(prenominal) dilutions of the suspension (10-1 10-2 10-3 10-4 10-5 and 10-6) and inoculated them on different agar mediums. We usedNutrition agar that was inoculated with 10-6 dilution of the suspension had 196 dependency forming units, and according from the provided guidance, this dilution was used to calculate the colony forming units per gram according to the figure cfu/gram = No. of colonies x 10 x dilution factor. According to the formula the result nutrient agar produced 10140 cfu/gram.The Violet red bile glucose agar (VRBG) that was inoc ulated with dilution of 10-6

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IDEAL acoustical AND INTERIOR DESIGN FOR A JAZZ CLUB - Essay ExampleVery often the when dealing with small, closed places, such as a club, there are a few vital aspects that select to be taken into consideration. One such aspect is reverberation. It is the residual sound that remains later on the ascendant of sound, or music in this context, is stopped. This occurs due to the presence of highly reflective surfaces such as fleshy walls and wooden floors. When more such surfaces are present, the reverberation time, i.e. the time duration for which the sound is sustained after the source is turned off, increases. This can cause disastrous effects by increasing the overall note level. A similar bother is the reflection of sound. This can be very annoying to a meeter due to an effect described as the microphone effect (Education Acoustics 101). This is a problem caused due to peaked roofs and reflective corners. Both these problems can be countered by the use of absorbent material s. When the leger spongelike is used common materials that come to mind are carpets and wall hangings. While usage of a carpet is a good idea, it will in no way be sufficient to tame the ill effects of reflection and reverberation. As mentioned before the peaked or domed ceiling should the dealt with. to a fault if the back walls are flat or, worse, concave they can contribute to the slapping back of the sound to the performer(s) on the tip. Adding absorptive materials to the ceilings and acoustic wall paneling to the back walls can effectively reduce the above mentioned problems (Project remedies). Adding absorptive material, preferably black, to the stage back wall and also sometimes the side walls, is in some cases a very effective measure to obtain same reverberation times both on the stage and the rest of the room. A factor not be overlooked is the audience itself. The audience themselves contribute to the denseness factor. The space is less absorptive without the audience , so care must be taken to maintain physical structure in

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In support of the legalization of marijuana for medical use Essay

In support of the legalization of marijuana for aesculapian use - Essay utilisationMedically, the drug has been effectual in treating various diseases as dissertateed by Jocelyn Elders, the former U.S surgeon in her article, Myths to the highest degree Medical Marijuana 2004. Still, this research is affirmed by Mathre (8) who in his article outline how the drug set fire to appetite and lessen cachexia, alleviate vomiting and nausea linked with cancer chem separateapy, reduce intraocular pressure, and treat analgesia and neurologic along with movement disorders. Unlike many drugs prescribed in the market, marijuana does not cause a terminal overdose. No one dies out of overdose due to its therapeutic applications such as slack of spasms, muscles, chronic trouble oneself, and intraocular heaviness. Still, the CDC does not have a category of death by marijuana unlike other drugs approved by the FDA. Deaths have been noted as a result of legal drugs despite having the FDA approva l. Although there are perilous effects of smoking marijuana, it has been approved medically to treat some ailments. This paper seeks to discuss all these issues in detail in support of the legalization of marijuana for medical use.Joycelyn Elders (1) highlights the medical benefits of victimisation marijuana. Her insights are awesome on how the drug relieves pains, reduces vomiting along with other symptoms of chronic diseases. Marijuana does this safely as it is less toxic than other drugs prescribed by physicians. Joycelyn focused her argument on the medical benefits of using the drug in which she believed that it improves the overall quality of patients life. From her argument, marijuana is best cognise to reduce neuropathic or chronic pain. The effect is important to human immunodeficiency virus patients who often suffer from such pain and the drug becomes effective in pain reduction. Secondly, marijuana is beneficial in increasing appetite as it stimulates the bodys metaboli sm. The drug is effectual in reducing the symptoms of chronic diseases such as HIV and cancer as patients lack

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Laura Ashley Holdings Plc Essay Example for Free

Laura Ashley Holdings Plc attempt1) How have changes relating to counselling and system of rulesal structural affected a global organisation of your choice, over the last 75 years. Relate your findings to growth, distribution, and different external influences and strategies.2) Undertake a SWOT analysis and explain its relevance in relation to your company and/or its sectorWord Count 1250. Harvard Style Referencing. Bibliography Required.Global organisation Laura Ashley Holdings Plc has suffered differing fortunes since Bernard and Laura Ashley founded it in the 1950s. It has been tangled in the designing, manufacturing, distribution and selling of garments, accessories, perfume, gift items, fabric, wall coverings, bedding, lighting, and furniture. Famed for its floral prints, the chain was passing triumphful during the earliest and mid 1980s but things changed in the early 1990s when various counselling and structural problems as well as those relating to growth, distr ibution, and various external influences such(prenominal)(prenominal) as global receding sur set aboutLaura Ashley herself died in 1985. There is a notable difference in the organisation up to and after this year. Up to 1985, it was a simply mental synthesisd, steadily expanding organisation operating in a non-complex environment (complexity arises when on that point argon numerous complicated environmental influences Johnson and Scholes, 1989). In the months and years after, many changes excessivelyk model. Laura Ashley went public in flotation, acquired other companies involved in areas such as knitwear and perfume, made heavier investments in manufacturing and information technology (IT), moved towards segmentation with draw and Child shops, exclusively home furnishing shops and unit shops (franchise operations). The organisation moved gradually external from erect consolidation (it had always manufactured and delivered all beloveds itself) The defender reported that Laura Ashley was withdrawing from manufacturing by the closing curtain of the year in 1998.In piece to facilitate growth, there was a shift from the simple functional organisational structure to a more(prenominal) complex divisional structure (which wasre-organised with every change of leadership). The most notable foreman executives of Laura Ashley who were in place whilst and after problems developed were Jim Maxmin (1991-1994) and Ann Iverson (1995-1997). Each of these people were responsible for major(ip) overhauls within the organisation. Vora (1998) states, Laura Ashley has undergone various restructuring strategies and umpteen centering upheavals, all to no avail, and all of which have decimated shareholder value and abused the brand name.As talllighted above, the major problems of Laura Ashley began to manifest in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The first fall of profits were reported in the year to January 1989. It is important, then, to look at its victor before thi s from its beginnings in the 1950s to 1985. One area to of course consider is the call success factors of the organisation for this period i.e. what specifically can its success is attributed to. Key success factors are what an organisation must do well in order to be successful, be an efficient competitor and satisfy stakeholder requirements (Thompson, 1997). Bearing this in mind, the key success factors of Laura Ashley up to 1985 are identified as high quality production, innovative designs, good brand management (the Laura Ashley name was and is strong), well placing of stores, creation of good atmospheres in stores, general design and creative competencies, staff training, creation of a vertically integrated structure and operation within a simplistic organisational structure in general.Also, the Groups IT capabilities factored into the success as it was a reservoir of competitive advantage e.g. they were an early adopter of electronic point of sale (Heath, 1996 as cited by Johnson and Scholes, 1999). These factors whitethorn also be interpreted as strategic excellence positions (SEPs), which can be described as the capabilities, which allow an organisation to produce better than average results in comparison with competitors (PUmpin, 1987).Thompson (1997) presents a particular(prenominal)ly serviceable model that can be helpful in explaining the success of Laura Ashley up to 1985. The EVR congruence model, by Thompson, considers if an organisation is being managed effectively with regards to strategy. It represents the matching of an organisations resources (for Laura Ashley these would include plants, vehicles, IT systemsand locations) to the key success factors dictated by the environment (external factors such as opportunities and threats, stakeholders, competition etc). A determinant in matching these is the values of the organisation (again, in the reference of Laura Ashley, these would include the lifestyle they promote/project, shop design s and atmospheres, product designs, the brand, staff training policy and the family culture). If the congruence (fit) betwixt these three areas is great, then this indicates effective management of resources (Hamel and Prahalad 1993 chit-chat that it is important for organisations to manage resources well in order to strive objectives), strategy formulation and all-round success.It can be argued that the success of Laura Ashley up to 1985 can be attributed to greater EVR congruence. That is such things as the number of shops and plants, distribution systems, stakeholders, threats (including competition), products, level of vertical integration and so on fit together well in relation to the size, structure, culture and speed of growth of the organisation then. The key success factors are also suggestive of this congruence.So that they can be developed to help check over both present and future success, it is important key success factors are recognised and understood. One partic ular way Laura Ashley could do this is through a SWOT analysis. This reviews an organisations internal strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats in the external environment (Cole, 1996). This may be done for a particular moment in time or as an overview encompass the past and present. As made clear, Laura Ashley has faced much change during its existence. Opportunities and threats come about as a result of constant change and the SWOT analysis can help to identify these and internal strengths and weaknesses applicable when dealings with change (Johnson and Scholes, 1989).This SWOT analysis can be used in relation to analysing the problems faced by Laura Ashley in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. They can be greatly attributed to the weaknesses and threats identified. For example, fluctuations in the parsimony had a knock-on effect on the sale of property and hence on the sale of household furnishings. Also, high borrowing, wastage and forced discounting mean t that, despite sales increases, shops were making a loss. The reorganisations in 1988, 1991 and twice in 1995 had their effect too they were dearly-won and highlighted inefficiency. Chandler (1977) states that structures are not adapted until pressure of inefficiency forces the change and that this change process is usually a painful one often carried out by a different chief executive individually time. Upon and after his appointment in 1991, Jim Maxmin found that the organisation privationed a core identity, clear strategies, empowered staff, double-dyed(a) market research, efficient logistics, and many problems in the US such as limited growth, poor management and delivery problems.He responded with his Simplify, Focus and Act programme. This included reorganisation, institution of a Global Operations executive (GOE) and Global Collection Development (GCD) which aided globalisation and marketing, encouragement to empower staff, an alliance with Federal emit Business Logi stics to improve delivery and distribution systems, sourcing half of the organisations manufacturing tothe Far East (rather than in-house in Britain) and management replenishment in the US. Before leaving Laura Ashley in 1994, Jim Maxmin commented that throughout the entire organisation, people has embraced the principles of the Simplify, Focus and Act programme and set about sorting out the operational problems which have plagued Laura Ashley (Maxmin, 1993 as cited by Warnaby, 1994).Ann Iverson was appointed chief executive of Laura Ashley in 1995. She was to spearhead the rush into the US and revamp the product range (Teather, 1999). Her observations found various problems all of which can again be attributed to identified weaknesses. It was found that the product range was too broad, there was no unified look to match globalisation, the supply chain was inefficient and problems continued in the US. Ann Iversons solution included strengthening the alliance with Federal Express Business Logistics, opening larger stores in the US and reviewing marketing and sales. These changes were considered to be good as Laura Ashley restored dividend payments in 1996 for the first time since 1989. Ann Iverson was dismissed in 1997, however, in the main due to continuing problems in the US and the organisations image (Keynotes, 1997).Each of the changes mentioned came about from the organisations particular strengths (as identified) at the time. For example, whilst such things as restructuring and shop occlusions were happening, the strong name of Laura Ashley and strong customer loyalty were greatly relied upon. Bowman and Asch (1987) comment that the strengths of an organisation are a if not the determinant in how it handles weaknesses, opportunities and threats.Opportunities open to the organisation in dealing with its various problems can be identified as the opportunities in the SWOT analysis. Opportunities change and differ over time. For example, the alliance wi th Federal Express Business Logistics resulted from available opportunities at the time. A possible opportunity in the early 1990s would have been a speedier move away from vertical integration for example.Laura Ashley became totally vertically integrated in the 1970s and continuedto be so though gradually moved away from this in the 1990s completely in 1998. Vertical integration can be backwards e.g. shaper purchasing/owning supplier and forwards e.g. manufacturer purchasing/owning retailer Laura Ashley was both backwardly and forwardly vertically integrated everything from the supplying of materials and manufacturing to distribution and retail. The main benefits of this throughout the organisations development included greater control, greater ability to differentiate, the opportunity to achieve economies of scale (higher margins), assurance of supply and greater synergy. Despite this, there were numerous disadvantages particularly that it was costly and greatly increased ope rational leverage as well as the need to keep up with proficient change.This tied up capital having long-term affects. It meant that there was not full concentration of key strengths (design and retail) on which key success factors are dependent (Thompson, 1997). Furthermore, vertical integration was inflexible (cheaper manufacturers could not be sourced) and predisposition to decreases in sales increased. It was the cost aspect that had the greatest impact particularly in the face of costly amplification (especially in the US). Warnaby (1994) comments that vertical integration was responsible for financial problems in the early 1990s. The costs of vertical integration had an impact on the organisations ability to successfully expand internationally.Perhaps with the exception of a typical product look and the adoption of a divisional structure, Laura Ashley did not expand internationally applying Treadgolds keys/strategies each was utilize/introduced incrementally as problems arose to highlight the need e.g. it was not until 1995 when Ann Iverson felt the need for a unified product look. This is indicative that the organisation was not particularly capable of embarking on such ambitious international expansion as it did. This is highlighted by the numerous problems faced by the organisation e.g. poor marketing/marketing strategy, inefficient logistics and lack of direction and clear strategy. Additionally, the paternalistic management style was not suited to rapid expansion and this united with high finance demands from vertical integration, reorganisation and early acquisitions further indicate poor planning in terms of developmentLaura Ashley has faced so many problems throughout its existence. Problems owing to management, organisational structure, logistics and rapid international expansion continuously came and went. In 1998 bankruptcy looked imminent but an injection of ?44 million in fair-mindedness capital by Malaysian businessman Dr Kay Peng Khoo (giving his MUI property company 47.5% share ownership whilst the Ashley family retained hardly 9% Gibbs, 1999). He installed Ng Kwan Cheong as chief executive who made changes including the disposal of the problematic sexual union American franchise (retail operations were sold to a management buyout team for $1 at the end of July, 1999 Gibbs, 1999), targeting of younger markets and investment in e-commerce (Abdullah, 2000).However, all of these changes looked to have no major impact in the Groups success with sales steadily decreasing from 1998. Whether or not Laura Ashley manages to achieve the sort of success it enjoyed in the early 1980s under its new management remains to be seen as does its survival. Chief Executive Ng Kwan Cheong refrained from placing false hopes, commenting in March of 2000 We have a lot of things to do. All I can learn is we are moving in the right direction and things are changing (Cheong, 2000 as cited by Abdullah, 2000).REFERENCESTexts Bowman , C. and Asch, C. (1987). strategical anxiety. Macmillan Education. Chandler, A.D. (1997). The Visible Hand The Managerial Revolution in American Business. Harvard University Press. Cole, G.A. (1996). Management Theory and Practice (5th Edition). Letts Educational. Johnson, G. and Scholes, K. (1989). Exploring embodied schema Text and Cases. Prentice Hall. Johnson, G. and Scholes, K. (1999). Exploring unified Strategy Text and Cases (5th Edition). Prentice Hall. PUmpin, C. (1987). The Essence of Corporate Strategy. Gower. Thompson, J.L. (1997). strategical Management Awareness and Change. International Thomson Business Press.Journals and Publications Hamel, G. and Prahalad, C.K. (1993). Strategy as stretch and leverage. Harvard Business Review, 71, March-April, pp75-84. Keynotes (1997), Keynote commercialise Report Clothing selling, 1997 Reports, p23. Treadgold, A. (1991) Dixons and Laura Ashley Different Routes to International Growth. International Journal of Retail and Di stribution Management. Vol. 19(4), pp13-19. Warnaby, G. (1994). Laura Ashley An International Retail Brand. Management Decision, Volume 32 (3).Other Abdullah, S.A. Turning around Laura Ashley. http//adtimes.nstp.com.my/archive/mar3.htm (09 December 2000). Gibbs, G. (1999) Laura Ashley bids farewell The Guardian Unlimited pull in. http//www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,3904775,00.html (18 December 2000). Teather, D. (1999) Banks push Laura Ashley to quit US The Guardian Unlimited Archive.http//www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,3855892,00.html (18 December 2000). Vora, K. (1998) Lessons from Laura Ashley. The Motley Fool The Daily Fool, Evening Fool Tuesday, 03 March 1998, (online) (cited 04 January 2001). http//www.fool.co.uk/DailyFool/1998/DailyFool980303.htm .BIBLIOGRAPHYTexts Cole, G.A. (1997). Strategic Management (2nd Edition). Continuum. De Wit, B. and Meyer, R. (1994) Strategy Process, Content, Context An International Perspective. West Pu blishing. Hatch, M.J. (1997). Organization Theory. Oxford. Palmer, A. and Hartley, B. (1996). The Business and Marketing Environment (2nd Edition). McGraw-Hill. Palmer, A. (2000). Principles of Marketing. Oxford. Porter, M.E. (1980) Competitive Strategy Techniques for Analysing Industries and Competition. The Free Press. Porter, M.E. (1985) Competitive Advantage Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance. The Free Press. Wild, R. (1994) How to Manage (2nd Edition). BCA.Other Framed-Art Wholesale. Laura Ashley The History http//www.framedartwholesale.com/aboutLA.htm (20 December 2000). Herzog, J. (1997) Laura Ashley closure a strategic decision. Daily Yale News Online Friday, 12 September 1997, (online) (cited 20 December 2000). http//www.yale.edu/ydn/paper/9.12.97/I-1lauraashley.html . Hoovers Online. Laura Ashley Holdings Plc connection Capsule Companies and Industries http//www.hoovers.co.uk/uk?capsule/5/0,3042,90245,00.html?referer= (20 December 2000). Wetfeet. Laura Ashle y Holdings Plc Company Profiles. http//www.wetfeet.com/asp/companyprofiles.asp (18 December 2000). Wright Investors Service. Research Report Laura Ashley Holdings Plc Corporate Information http//profiles.wisi.com/profiles/scripts/corpinfo2.asp?cusip=C826EG930 (18 December 2000).

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Free Writing Essay numerous irritating habits exist and bother so many human beings on earth. This is because there are so many people who are forgetting the importance of having easily manners and do not practice it at all (Granato). One of these people is my friend whom I treasure like a family. However, despite her annoying habit, I still remain a true, loving and loyal friend to her. While friends are mavin of the most important people in ones life, there are times when they do some things that basin be really exasperating and annoying, such as habits that they cannot get disengage of which can make ones nerves and blood boil. In the case of my friend, she has this habit of burping for no reason at all. For instance, she burps while watching a movie, shopping or strolling in the mall, talking, and worst, while and by and by eating. She considers it as an amazing talent and not a disgusting behavior. On the contrary, she laughs and always feels proud of herself both ti me she does it. It bothers me a lot, and I feel ashamed of her whenever people around us hear her burp. Thus, I confronted her about her disgusting habit.I told her that having good manners is one of the most important values, and it is something that people should always bring with them wherever they go and whatever they do in their lives. However, it seems that it does not affect her at all. She undecomposed said that if I am a true friend, then I would just have to own her and deal with her annoying habit. After all, I have some habits that annoy her excessively. Fair enough, I hazard that she has a point and that she is right on what she said.I probably have a habit that annoys her too or other people and that I am not really aware of. In that sense, having good manners rarely can be found on people, or only a a couple of(prenominal) value it and think that it is still important these days. After all, true friends accept each others attitude, manners or behaviors no govern ment issue how good or bad it is because true friends never arbiter nor deny their friends for who they are and what they have or do not have.Consequently, I realized that no matter how annoying the habit of my friend is, I should just accept and deal with it if she really cannot get rid of the habit because for me, friendship is more important than any annoying habits in the world. Works Cited Granato, Sherri. 11 extremely Annoying Habits of Rude People. Associated Content. 8 January 2007. 20 January 2009 http//www. associatedcontent. com/article/112207/11_highly_annoying_habits_of_rude_people. html? cat=47.

The Cuases, Effects, and Prevention of Homophobia in America Essay Example for Free

The Cuases, Effects, and Prevention of Homophobia in the States EssayHomophobia is an immense issue in todays connection, but especi solelyy in America. The completely preposterous prejudices against the federation of this country is on the rise. This is due to a number of finds of which we as the Ameri burn heap view the ability to change. We must closely exam the causes and the set up of homophobia in America to completely understand why and where this is lighten occurring in modern day society and how it may be further prevented.Homosexuality has existed as long as humanity itself, and with homosexuality always take cargons homophobia, or the completely extreme and irrational devotion or aversion to homosexuality and homosexual stack, is sure to exist. This prejudice against homosexuals has been in one way or a nonher shown to exist in almost every culture and society, although close to cultures discombobulate sleep with to coexist with the human community in h armony, others how ever still pee much work to do in the stride for meet rights and lack of secernment for the spanking population in their countries.Of these countries most be make in the Middle Eastern regions, in places like Africa, Egypt, and Iran homosexuality is a felony, and in galore(postnominal) cases pull up stakesing have one either imprisoned or killed. It is in a way expected that these countries would guard homosexuality so strongly, due to their strong Islamic traditions. scarce a country that it would non seem irrational to cerebrate would be more gift to the risible population is the United States of America, but this is non true. Homosexuals might not be stoned to death in the streets of America, but they also dont have the options of emancipation and rights those in Europe have either.According to statistics, nearly half of America still has a strong opposition or hatred toward this community, as a country America necessitate to realize how absur d this completely irrational prejudice is and how much of a waste of it in truth is. As a country we should fight to stop homophobia in its tracks. Homophobia has really existed, but when did it really start occurring in the U. S.? The term homophobia was coined in 1967 by Wainwright Churchill in his study on the habits and bread and butterstyles of gay men in America. Ever since then, it seems the term has stuck, even if it is used in the wrong context.The term left the scene of Ameri brush aside society for around 20 years or so, but resurfaced much, much stronger with the global AIDS pandemic in the 1980s, gays across the globe were targets of mischievous and irrational beliefs that AIDS was a gay mans disease. much(prenominal) beliefs of course argon highly illogical, but that does not stop them from breaking like the disease its self. This classify can still be seen in todays supposidly more liberal modern society. Such stereotypes fuel the keep occurrence of homophobia , especially in the U. S. , which in return keeps the continues cycle of hate and prejudice going.The issues that stem from homophobia are numerous and far and in-between, but umteen are huge and pellucid issues that America as a whole could change if its sight really wanted to. Of the many prejudices against the gay population, it stands no more obvious anywhere else than in equal rights, rights that all Americans deserve. The discrimination of housing, employment, and equal marriage rights, all must be stopped. America is singling out a nonage with in its borders, and that is wrong, the land of the free is showing a severe hypocritical, and bigoted side that no one should ever see occur.What is really the core cause of all the negative energy toward Americas gay community? Of the many things that cause homophobia in America, g everywherenment would not be expected, but it is true to say that government is where most of the negative energy toward the gay community stems from. T he American government is supposed to support its people as a whole, in an equal unbiased manner. If this is true, why is the government putting such(prenominal) restrictions like the ban on same-sex marriage on the gay community?This is a direct contradiction to the qualities America is built on, this isnt freedom for all of its people, it is freedom for those who are stereotypically perceived as normal by a bigoted, ignorant society that is intolerant of difference. Americas government is tainted with people thinking in this mindset, especially among the republican party. Politicians are openly allowed to smear the gay community with their extremely bigoted comments, and have recently succeeded in allowing others to freely do so also. In the state of Michigan, republicans have managed to pass scorecard 137, a bill that promotes bullying.One has to think twice to really absorb that the state has actually make such an absurd thing. In this bill it is now okay to freely and openly express ones feelings towards another, harass, bully, what ever it is they want, as long as they can support their claims with a moral or religious view. This is of course a horrendous and stupid idea. afterwards the bill was successfully passed, Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer (D-East Lansing), took to the floor of the Senate to voice her outrage at the amended wrangle and the danger of the exemptions Here oday you claim to be defend kids and youre actually putting them in more danger.But bullying is not OK. We should be protecting public policy that protects kids,? all kids, from bullies,? all bullies. But preferably you have set us back further by creating a blueprint for bullying. Shockingly, Senate Bill 137 pull up stakes do more harm than frank. Senate Republicans left our students behind in favor of partisan politics and passed a bill that actually allows more bullying. Students and parents expect lawmakers to lead the charge against bullying, but instead Republ icans made political theory more important than school safety.Research clearly shows that provided states with enumerated bills see a reduction in bullying. We need a bill that mentions the most affected populations and requires statewide reporting of bullying and harassment. Senate Bill 137 obviously does nothing to reduce bullying in our schools. But the saddest and sickest irony of all, is that the bill was named Matts preventive School Law, after Matt Epling, a 14-year-old East Lansing student who committed suicide in 2002 after being repeatedly bullied in school.As Senator Whitmer has made clear, this unrelentless bullying must be put to a stop, not promoted like it currently is in American government and society. Government and its views are corrupt, so corrupt that it will not function as it should in the goal of protecting its citizens and their well deserved rights. It is known government spreads the ideas of homophobia, but where is the homophobia in American governme nt stemming from? The issue lies within the religious institution that runs most of America, the religion it was founded on, Christianity.Christianity is the largest practiced religion in the world, with such a hopeful message of salvation and a forgiving and loving God it is no surprise this is true. Their teachings have a message that God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son and those who believes in him and that those who accept him as their one and only savior shall have everlasting life (John 316). With such message of love and equality toward all of humanity, why is it that this religion that is supposed to spread this message of love and hope, actually in some areas spreading the hatred of some and especially the onward motion of homophobia?The reason is there are many bigoted, hypocritical, and of all things homophobic pastors that tell sermons spewing with bigotry, manipulated to convey the thoughts of negativity towards the gay community in America. It se ems the congregations that hear these so called sermons are nieve beyond recognition. Why is it that the general public has bewildered all of its common sense listening to seemingly false sermons preeching the hatred and intolerance of a minority?Of the few indites that mention homosexuality in the holy bible, one is more than any other, that rhyme is Leviticus 2013. If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death their blood will be on their own heads. This verse is said to directly quote homosexuality as a sin, but this is not so. In the verse listed above it is talking about the Canaanites laws, not Gods, it is prosecuting the Canaanites sexual cult rituals involving male prostitutes, not gay men in commited relationships.The severe unwillingness to let one think for themselves has allowed this verse to be repeatedly misinterpreted to the point where it is thought to be the absolute truth. Thus encouraging the U. S. Media and society to, in its thoughts, justly denounce or discriminate against the gay population. Since media is a strong driving force of information and individual opinions in the U. S. , especially to many nieve people, it in not unrealistic to think that media is of a big operate on homophobia in America.All this talk about the causes of homophobia is sure to have one wondering how it effects the actual gay individual or gay community. Ask any gay person and they will more than likely say that homophobia has been or is a serious and hurtful fuss, but just how does it really affect them? Homophobia has many, many negative affects on gays, many of which they have no control of what so ever. Among these many affects, the one that is seen to occur the most is the strongly held negative attitudes that the American public has on their lives.Gay people are discriminated against everyday in the U. S. , and sometimes even almost every day of their lives. They are literal harassed in the workplace, at school, or even out in public in general. tremendous prejudice against the homosexual orientation is seen to be extremely common and more hostile around high school students and young adults, these young gay people must combat and suffer what their peers say to them on a daily basis, whether said to their face or not, it still has severe psychological effects on a person. Prejudice and discrimination have social and personal impact.On an individual level, such prejudice and discrimination may also have negative consequences, especially if gay people attempt to conceal or deny their sexual orientation. Although many gay people learn to cope with the social stigma against homosexuality, this frame of prejudice can have serious negative effects on health and well-being. This treatment to which gays are subjected to has significant mental health concerns. This also amounts to a great amount of emphasis, although social support is life-and-death in copi ng with stress, antigay attitudes and discrimination may make it difficult for gay people to find such support. (American Psychological Association 2)As it was said above, being gay adds a considerable amount of stress to ones life, sterotype upon stereotype upon stereotype are thrown at them, and they have to attempt to cope with it and get on with life. Although this may work for some, for others the stress leads to other serious problems, problems such as constant or severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and even more stress. Feeling suicidal is never a good situation, and it is shown to be quad times as likely that gay people, specifically men, attempt to kill themselves or actually do kill themselves.Recently there has been a tremendous jump in the amount of suicides of gay people, all where high school or college age, and where harassed about their sexual orientation until it was unbearable. This shows that the pressures on gays is increasing steady and is becoming more consi stant in its effects it has on the individual. Among the many people in the American gay population many are subjected to violent accounts of homphobia that usually has them physically assaulted. These horrific events are capably named gay bashings.One would like to say that this does not happen much in America as much as people say it does, one also cannot deny or ignore their occurrences either. The victims of these viscious attacks are almost always very badly injured and usually in the hospital for quite some time, many do not even make it to the hospital. Often times after these attacks are over and the suspects have been apprehended, they are hit with a lighter sentence than they actually deserve. Instead of being charged with a hate crime, they often get of easy with counts of assault.This is a major let down of our governments purpose, our government really drops the ball here. The reason we have government is to defend Americas citizens, and that is not misadventure when gay bashers are let of the hook that easily. This, in many cases can be seen as a hate crime due the recurring fashion of the attacks and in the sense that these people being attacked are targeted directly due to their sexual orientation. Things like this must be further and more thoroughly prevented in America, no gay person should be afraid of being assaulted whenever they go out into public, this must come to an end.As a nation America needs to stop pretending it is not a problem and open its eyes and realized what it is letting happen way too often. American society and culture needs to learn to that not every body is the same and needs to learn to be tolerant of differences. One way people could be aware and start prevention of all these many issues discussed is gay people should learn that even though society disaproves, that there is nothing wrong with who they are, they are born that way and cant change so have to learn to live with it.Heterosexual people who wish to stop h omophobia in its tracks need to examine their response to antigay stereotypes and prejudice, they can make a point of coming to know gay people and realizing that they are human too. They should go hand in hand with the gay community against the fight of homophobia in America, heterosexuals are often in a good position to point out to other heterosexual people how irrational their homophobia can be.Studies of prejudice, including prejudice against gay people, consistently shows that prejudice declines when members of the majority group interact with members of a minority group interact wiht members of a minority group. In keeping wiht this general pattern, one of the most powerful influences on heterosexuals acceptances of gay people is having personal contact with an openly gay person. Antigay attitudes are far less common amoung members of the population who have a close family member or friend who is gay, especially if the gay person has been directly open about their sexual orie ntation toward the heterosexual person.These are of the many examples of how Americans CAN change their view on homosexuality. The causes of homophobia through the church, government, and media are known, and the effects these things have on the gay community can be seen. It is not until The United States of America realizes that these all have underlying problems and are a part of the bigger picture, can homophobia be further and better prevented in America.

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Decade of Corporate Greed Essay Example for Free

Decade of Corporate avariciousness EssayAscended in the 1980s he reinvented Republi puke policies that favored deregulation and the growth of business in the States. These Ideas markedly opposed the views of the governmental interventionist policies of the 1960s and 70s with these ideas Reagan hoped to decrease government Involvement and serious taxes.With these tax cuts Reagans thinking was that to a greater extent(prenominal) new businesses would spawn and that it would have a trickledown effect by not nevertheless em top executiveing businesses to grow and hire more people which in the end would benefit exclusively from those on top in the corporate knowledge domain only the way down to the lowest somebody in the company in which everyone benefits. This was welcome news not only to the Republicans but also the dejeuner bucket democrats who were working class democrats who predecessor Jimmy Carter of whom they thought they were ignored by.As a consequence of this ma ny government services were slashed and created ideas of the government being the problem. With this many republicans encouraged individuals to do skinny for themselves for the government would not do this for them. With this encouragement of business growth and economic prosperity for as many people as possible individualism became a way of life in the 1980s.The acquisition of wealth and indicators of it really helped to drive this ecstasy in the 1980s where it seemed some important to acquire as a great deal material goods as possible. These ideas were also shown in the pop culture world as the artist bloody shame made a hit song in the 80s called material girl a song of the times basically about avariciousness and gaining as material things as you possibly could with no shame of this greed.Also Gordon Gekko the fictional business tycoon in the film Wall Street stands up at board meeting to stress and states Greed is goodGreed will not only fix this malfunctioning corporatio n called Teldar paper, but also the other malfunctioning corporation called the U. S. of A. There were even out excesses being taken in sports, as Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds had greed of singles, doubles and stolen bases, also greed in gambling cost him his spot in Major League Baseball.It was also in this decade baseball experienced free agency destroying loyalties and players selling themselves to the highest bidder as player contracts doubled from incisively the decade before. one time these Republican policies had trickled down to popular culture it almost seemed to validate this style of politics, it seemed as if the Republicans ascendance to power had spawned this culture and decade of greed that was so actively embraced by the American public.With this these politicians simply stated that they were just acting in accordance to what the publics wishes were. With this success that Reagan had in the 80s America had once again began to reassert itself on the world stage after a challenging decade of struggling in the 1970s. Reagan is thought to be trustworthy also for the victory in the cold contend that had lasted for decades before his term. The new thinking in the 80s was not that this was greed but more of what the Republicans called prosperity and success.Some of the negatives of these changes were Reagan deregulated everything which in effect destroyed competition and this created oligopolies. Some examples of these are in the air duct industry he deregulated the industry causing every airline in the country, except 2 to endure bankrupt, as the deregulation in the broadcast industry resulted in just a few study players like Disney and Clear Channel dominating the playing field.As for under the Reagan face money in politics became more strong then ever and that still holds true today in the world of politics for it seems like we no longer have elections, we more like have auctions for where it seems the candidate who has the most money to spend on dumb put inting their name out is usually the one who wins in these policy-making battles, especially for the Presidency.What this does now and back then in the 80s where it started is a corporation who readiness want certain laws or tax breaks passed to better help their needs funds that candidate to get elected and then in turn expects them favors to be returned when that candidate is elected. This new concentration of wealth created a whole new class of millionaires, however on the downside for every millionaire there were several hundred homeless people. With this came more negativity that came with the corporate greed of the 80s.For these people who became homeless and poor due to these millionaires greed were blamed for dragging down the economy by Republican politicians and their mouthpieces in the media, while the truth we found out later is that indeed it was these rich people who were ripping us off and actually were responsible for dragging down the econom y. Going as far to blaming the poor the city of Los Angeles installed a fingerprint establishment to guard against welfare fraud that cost the city and hardworking tax payers 30 million dollars, and for all of this it caught one cheater.While at the same time White collar crime was rising and cost us more than street crime cost, also doing more damage and arguably causing more deaths. Reagan also had a deregulation of the savings and loans industry which was a total debacle and ended up costing Americans 500 billion dollars which is part of the still current banking problem that is going on today. alas Reagan also began the practice of sending American manufacturing jobs overseas, another move that made the rich even more rich and greedy and made the poor have even less than they did before.Despite all these negatives it can be argued that Ronald Reagan was the most important and influential President of the last 60 years, loved by the Republicans and loathed by the liberals. Reag an turned half a century of political and economic orthodoxy and turned it on its head. It can be argued that he turned those who were Roosevelt democrats. So whether you loved or hated Reagan there is no doubt that administration and the greed of 80s is still alive today.My though would be if your rich, you like the corporate greed and excessiveness that took place in the 80s, however if you are poor you are wondering wherefore this turned out like it did.

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Is the film version of Of Mice and Men inferior to the original novel Essay Example for Free

Is the occupy version of Of Mice and Men inferior to the original refreshful EssayOf Mice and Men was written in 1937 during the great depression, by John Steinbeck.Steinbeck was born in 1902 in California some of his other unexampleds are The Red Pony, Cup of Gold, To a God Unknown, In obscure Battle, Canary Row, Sweet Thursday and various others. After months of ill health, John Steinbeck died of heart failure in December 1968 and is buried in Salinas, California.The look at was directed by Gary Sinise, and runs for approximately 115 minutes and was do in the USA. Of Mice and Men is suitable for adaptation as the plot line is non too perplex and the prospects will be relatively easy to make, on the other hand there are some(prenominal) problems, a various amount of the scenes in the book can non be adapted for the film, such as when Lennie hallucinates by the river.The opening sequence opens with George and Lennies escape from Weed, this is set in a big open field, w ith vibrant work this will get the interviews attention as vibrant colours give the impression of danger. The television camera starts of in a long tornado, this is important as it shows the audience her ripped dress, then the camera zooms in to a stodgy up to show the tears and fear on her face. The opening in the film is much much dramatic to the single of the novel, the handler choose the include this section beca call it gives a contrast from George being in a combined place on the train, to having dramatic colours and wide open space, this makes the film more(prenominal) dramatic and exciting for the audience.In the novel Curleys wife and Curley are never hitchn together, they are always tone for each other, the incident with Crooks is not included. In the film Curleys wife does not have red mules, and is not heavily made up, she is wearing white and pink this gives her the look of femininity and innocence, which will give a different portrayal of the character to the novel.She is always seen in doorways, for example when she sees George, the camera uses a mid shot so the audience can see both their reactions, Curleys wife is expression outside like she is looking out for Curley, she is tolerant him no eye contact this shows us that she is not trying to lead him on. George is giving her eye contact, this might be making her feel nervous as she starts the fiddle with her dress. In the novel she is shown as being a wild, flirty character whereas in the film she is made to be totally different, the director has chosen to portray her sympathetically this is because this will enforce more of a reaction when she dies, this makes the audience feel sympathy for her.George and Lennie are presented with more sympathy in the film than the novel, the novel is less extreme point. When Lennie has the fight with Curley the camera is in mid shot and Lennie is sitting down, this makes him look more vulnerable. The director uses a strong use of weighed down in the scenes of the fight, the punches are made to sound loud, this can make the audience relate to Lennie.A close up is then on Georges face to show his concern for Lennie, then a extreme close up of Lennie is used, this is very dramatic way of showing a characters emotions, the audience can see Lennies angry eyes and almost makes the audience feel scared as he has blood on his face when he is breaking Curleys hand, this makes the film superior the reading the novel as the camera shots and sound can make more of an effect on the audience and makes Lennie and George more three dimensional, whereas the novel makes them calculate more one dimensional.The beginning of the novel is very different as Steinbeck sets the scene in wrap up detail, he creates a peaceful atmosphere by using nature the leaves lie so doubtful and so crisp that a lizard makes a great skittering if he runs among them. Unlike the novel the film shows an exciting and tense atmosphere.At the beginning of the film the director chooses to show George on a train, this scene is not included in the book because it would only work in a film, the director uses a haunting shilling melody lingering in the background, the camera shot focuses on a lone(prenominal) figure crouched in the corner. By using this scene at the beginning it grabs the audiences attention and a springy mood is set in the audience, he sets a stark contrast between that scene and the one that follows. This scene shows George sitting in the dark, which shows more about him than in the novel it shows that George is in the dark. The film relates to Steinbeck descriptive prose well, but some scenes could have been presented more like the book.In my opinion the film does do the film justice, but some characters could have been presented more like the characters in the book, for example Curleys wife, she is presented to be a flirty and dangerous character in the book and presented as a feminine vulnerable character in the film. The scenes are set in different ways but are successful in giving the audience the same amount of emotion as in the novel. The scenes that are in the novel that are not included in the film are not important and they are replaced with scene of the same enormousness that are easier to make. Overall the film is a good adaptation of the novel.

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Comparing coverage in two different Newspapers Essay Example for Free

Comparing coverage in two different Newspapers EssayThe incident covered in the two obligates I reach studied was a tag throw kayoed in the Austrian ski resort of Kaprun on Saturday 11th November 2000. The set-back denomination I looked at was in the tabloid paper the sunlight render. The second phrase I looked at was in the broadsheet paper the reviewer. The two names were very homogeneous but had some differences. Both the articles emphasised that British people were among those that had died. The Sunday record said Britons among 170 victims and The Observer said Britons among 170 dead The Observer overly stated that children died Children among victims. Although both articles covered the same subject and seemed to emphasise the greatness of the tragedy, they had different approaches, The Sunday Express article was sensationalist and over emotive inferno as it tore through carriages The Observers article was a calmer and more concise report and, within a few m inutes, almost every angiotensin-converting enzyme on carte was dead. The articles both contained similar factual information. In the Article in the Sunday Express, facts were intertwined with opinions and emotive vocabulary. engulfing tourists in temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Centigrade. The Observer had some emotive language but seemed to keep the facts separate which reached temperatures of more than 1,000 C The besides discrepancy between the two articles was over the initial hasten of the fire. The Sunday Express interviewed a telephone circuit car technical expert Klaus Einsenkolb. He said that either a short circuit in the batteries or the possibility that someone had started it with a naked flame was more likely, This was their only reference to the cause of the fire. The Observer had many different statements nearly the cause of the fire.Yesterdays fire is believed to have startedafter one of the cables that pull the determine up the mountain snapped, apparg onntly starting the blaze They also had a statement from the local confederacy Gletscherbahn Kaprun who owned the gear up. Due to a fire in the tunnel there was a shorting in the electrical circuit, consequently causing the train to catch fire. They also interviewed Klaus Einsenkolb, but stated nothing about his opinions of what ca utilize the fire as in The Sunday Express. Both articles apply similar language, but The Sunday Express used more emotive variations of language to put across the same point.The Sunday Express said the agonising task today of identifying 170 young skiers burned alive The Observer stuck to the facts, however, some sensationalist language was used. 170 people were killed yesterday when a fire engulfed an Austrian funicular train The Sunday Express sensationalised the incident by using words like inferno and disaster repeatedly throughout their report. This created a mood in the article, expressing how terrible this tragedy was. Despite The Observer being a broadsheet paper, their article also used this type of language, such as inferno and tragedy.I think this also was used to create the mood. The underlying feeling in The Observers report was that this incident could have been prevented or its consequences reduced, had their been adequate base hit measures and better maintenance. Manfred Muller, security director for the railway, admitted that there had been no emergency fire fighting equipment in the tunnel, or on the train The journalists use of admitted in this sentence supports his views that safety precautions were inadequate. After proveing this article the subscriber was left with the impression it was just a terrible accident.Yesterdays disaster was the second tragedy to hit Kitzsteinhorn this year. proclaimed a criminal investigation into the tragedy. No blame seemed to be pointed at anyone in this article. The Sunday Express article contained many interviews and comments from people involved with the inciden t. Most of the people interviewed were officials linked with the accident, like Norbert Karlsboeck, the town city manager of Kaprun, and Franz Schausberger the Salzburg governor. Mr Karlsboeck said I did not realise the broad extent of the catastrophe Salzburg governor Franz Schausberger said I have declared a day of mourning.We can presume that everyone still on board the train is dead. They were commenting on their feelings about the incident. Klaus Eisenkolb, a cable car technician who worked on the planning of the line was also interviewed and stave of what he thought about the occurrence of this incident and what could have possibly caused it. One witness and one survivor were also quoted. The Observer had fewer people interviewed, but had interviews with relatives and witnesses. They also had a statement from the federation who owned the train, Gletscherbahn Kaprun, who commented on their feelings about this incident.In a statement, the company said We and the whole town o f Kaprun are in mourning. An unidentified man whose son had gone skiing that day, and a deacon were also interviewed. This gave the article a more personal feel, as the reader felt that they could relate to the people whos lives had been affected by this and so perceive the tragedy better. The layout of these reports was very different. Article I had a titanic bold headline on the antecedent cover saying INFERNO in capital letters, to draw peoples attention. There was also a large fable of one of the survivors with a caption.There was then a ingeminate summon spread. On the first side of the double spread was a pull quote in large bold letters Theres no hope left, the fumes were just terrible next to another illustration of a survivor with a caption. This would also get peoples attention the reader may look at the pictures and then want to read on. Under the title was a plat of the mountainside with schoolbook pointing out where the events took place. This was quite easy to understand and gave the basic information. Inside that diagram was another diagram exhibit where Kaprun was in context to Austria and then to the rest of Europe.The text was in columns around these illustrations. The double page was split into ternary blocks of text, an individual report started on the second page scripted by Greg Swift, a continuance of the first article by David Dillon, and then an additional report Rising tide of Alpine tragedies. The Observer had a medium sized headline Inferno in the Alps in bold letters. Underneath was a large illustration of a survivor (the same as in article 1) with a caption. The article was started with two large bullet points, which would grab the readers attention.There was then a tiny diagram of where in Austria the incident took place, and where it was in relation to Europe. The article was again written in columns. It then too went to a double page. The headline on this double page A couple of breaths and they were lost was also a p ull quote, keeping the readers attention. There was a block of pictures with quotes in the top centre of the pages showing the drive home team, survivors and their families, and the train. This was really effective. The block of pictures would really attract the readers attention, urging them to read the article.There was a large diagram showing a picture of the mountainside and where the tunnel was, and then a diagram of the actual train, showing in steps what happened and when. This diagram was very clear, showing exactly what happened in an easily understandable way. The double page was again split into sections of text. There was the main report by Denis Staunton, and then two smaller reports. One was by Jason Burke telling how former British Olympic skier Martin Bell feared that some of his friends could have been on the train.This linked the incident back to this country and how it affected people here. The other was by Anthony Browne, talk of the town of worries over how m any recent tragic accidents have occurred in the Alps. I think that the article that explained what happened and suggested the full horror of this incident more effectively was the article from The Observer. I felt that the way in which it was written managed to create a balance between putting across the facts but still expressing the horror of the tragedy. I think because the facts were not clouded with opinions, they were easier to understand.I thought that the double page spread was particularly effective. The pictures were clearer and attracted the readers attention. The diagram on the double page was very clear and easy to understand. It showed exactly what happened in stages, with information about the mountain and the tunnel. I also thought that the headline Inferno in the Alps on the front page was really effective. It gave enough information for you to know what had happened but was short enough for the reader to read at a glance.I felt that The Sunday Express article was more difficult to understand as there were fewer facts and the writing was very opinionated. Also because there were fewer interviews with people who were forthwith affected by the incident, such as survivors, and relatives of victims, it wasnt as easy to relate to that article. There was less text in general, as much of the space was taken up by large illustrations and headlines. Although the articles seemed to be similar they had differences which although may not be drastically apparent I felt they made a spectacular difference to the effectiveness and success of the articles.

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Chinese Artifacts Essay Example for Free

Chinese Artifacts EssayThe artificeist of this chirography scroll, Zhao Mengfu, was highly praised by the Yuan emperor Renzong as unrivaled conventional Chinese polymath (for a lack of a better word). It is said that the emperor admired him for possessing the following septenary outstanding qualities wide learning, Song royal ancestry, elegant and charismatic appearance, pure character and righteous conduct, literary accomplishment, mastery of calligraphy and painting acquisitions, and profound knowledge of Buddhist and Daoist t for each geniusings.As an leading and influential calligraphy during his era, Zhao was able to successfully advocate and promote many of the views that he had on Chinese calligraphy. Zhao supported a return to the ancient models, which integrated the Jin (265 420AD) and Tang (618 906AD) dynasty elans to synthesize a new norm for standard and written scripts. In later eras, many printed texts were modeled after the standard script that he helped create. Furthermore, the cursive style script, depicted in this scroll titled Four Anecdotes from the Life of Wang Xizhi, became the foundations of the informal calligraphic styles of those how succeeded him. bingle of the four anecdotes from the Life of Wang Xizhi tells the story of a time when Xizhi, a calligraphic sage, was extremely fond of the graceful appearance of geese. In Shanyin there was a Daoist monk who had raised a flock of more than ten fine geese. One morning Wang decided to take a small boat and go there. He was delighted with the geese and cute to buy them, but the monk refused to sell. Wang tried in vain to persuade him. Finally, the monk told Wang that he love Daoist philosophy and had always wanted a transcription of Laozis Daodejing with its commentary by Heshanggong.He had already nimble the silk, but no one was qualified to write it. He asked if Wang would condescend to transcribe two chapters each from the Dao and De sections, for which he would give Wang the whole flock. Wang stayed for half a day to write out the chapters, then he caged the geese and returned home. (Citation) In many ways, this story possesses many aspects of traditional Daoist philosophies. Firstly, the events and interactions between the Monk and Xizhi is highly reflective of the mutuality between beings.Furthermore, the fact that the Monk refuse to trade his geese through monetary means underlines Daoist de-emphasis of material objects, particularly something as superficial as money. Rather, the Monk was willing to give up his geese for an implementation Xizhis skill and mastery of calligraphy. In a way, this reveals belief that an individual should play the role of what he or she was meant. In early(a) words, the Monks offer of his geese for calligraphy mirrors some sort of a natural focus for Xizhi to walk in accordance to the Way.In summary, the story told through the calligraphy of this scroll is highly relavent to the Daoist themes that were examine t hroughout the course. Object Buddhist stele, Tang dynasty (618906), ca. 700 Origins China Material Black limestone Size H. 64 1/2 in. (163. 7 cm) This relic originates from the temple in the Xinxiang County in the central Chinese province of Henan. A stele is a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than it is wide, erected for funerals or commemorative purposes, most usually decorated with the names and titles of the deceased or living chip at, carved in relief or multicolored onto the slab.In this case, the Buddhist stele is made of black limestone and is curved to give the outline of the figure of Guanyin. In this stele, we see many of the symbolism commonly studied in the Chinese Buddhism. Firstly, the graceful of stance the cope with of bodhisattvas implicates a noble yet welcoming gesture which is reflective of the characters theor sage-hood. Secondly, judging by the small objects inscribed on the crown a figure of the Buddha they represent Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara), o ne of the principal bodhisattvas associated with the clean Land cult. contempt the damages accumulated over time, the gentle S-shape swing of the bodhisattvas bodies gives an essence of individuality to each of the figures. The Western Pure Land sect, derived from the teachings of the Buddha Amitabha, was the sect that attracted the largest number of followers. As we have discussed in class, this was most likely due to the motif that salvation awaits each and every devotee in a paradise situated in the horse opera realm of Buddhist cosmology. The ability of Buddhism to discuss subjects like the afterlife was one of the largest sources of its popularity.This black limestone stele is one of the best examples of Buddhist devotional art in the Tang period of Chinese history. Object telephone exchange watchtower, architectural model, Eastern Han dynasty (25220), 1stearly 3rd century Origin China Material Earthenware with fountain lead glaze Size H. 41 in. (104. 1 cm) The Han dynasty (206 B. C. 220 A. D. ) is deemed to be one of the most important and inflectional dynasties in pre-modern China due to it lasting effects in imperial structure and formation of a national consciousness.Chinese people, until today, still refer to themselves as Han Chinese. Furthermore, the architecture styles that were established during the Han period layed the strand works for the architecture of the eras to follow. Han architecture was a grand improvement to the architecture of those that precede them it includes vast palatial complexes, towered gateways, and city walls were built as symbols of power and prestige as well as for defense.This model art piece embodies many of the essential features of Han architecture the overhanging tiles supported by the roof, the four sided style infrastructure and the stacking effect. In many ways, this specific model, less a few details, is reminiscent of the temple building the class visited for the conjure on Buddhism. In relation to our st udies, a great variety of these architectural models were used in the medal of the tomb in the Han era to show the status of the person being buried.Object Spouted ritual wine-colored-coloured vessel (guang), Shang dynasty, early Anyang period (ca. 13001050 b. c. ), 13th century b. c. Origin Possibly Anyang, Henan Province, China Material bronzy Size W. 13 in. (33 cm) This artifact, a bronze casted vessel, dates back to the late Shang era (ca. 13001050 B. C. ). The shape of the wine vessel is said to be loosely based on a figure of a bird this is distinctive through the hooked beak feature and glaring eyes effect from the face on view. As we have studied, the Shang people had many beliefs about the spiritual world.This vessel is believed to have been used to pour wine and other beverages in ceremonies involving Shang ruler and their ancestors and supernatural forces. Other feature on the vessel includes coiled serpents acclivitous from the wings, roaring tiger-dragons prowling along the sides, horned bird that serves as a handle. This existence an artifact of this age gives us insights into the superior technology of casting in ancient China. The complicated multilayered designs are unparalleled by other cultures of the time.It is believed that the technique used for this the bronze casting is through a ceramic mold and the usage of an interior clay core. Motel bronze is then poured into filled the empty space between the intricate design and the core. erst the clay core was emptied out, the result is the astonishing bronzed vessel with complex designed as described. Again, such artifacts can be used to validate the hypotheses and speculations about the technologies and lifestyle during an ancient civilization like the Shang.